In the morning

I wonder what time it is. 10:30 am? Nah, it must be 11.

My room is dark as it was when I went to bed last night. Window blinds are all the way down so they don’t let any light inside. Windows are shut closed so it will be as quiet as possible. Don’t wanna be awaken too early by the traffic noise or the birds chirping.


I slowly get up like I’ve been sleeping only 5 hours and not the 9 I just did. I go to the bathroom, wash my face with cold water and my teeth with Parodontax and move along to the kitchen.

Tall glass on the counter top.

I put one teaspoon of classic Nescafe inside.

Add splash of cold water. Swirl it around with a coffee hand machine till it’s full of foam. Add cold milk till it gets a beige color.

Nice tall glass of cold unsweetened coffee.


I turn my laptop on and open SoundCloud. I put on some Soja music as loud as the laptop lets me. I plug my Wacom in the laptop and turn the SketchBook on.

Sweet reggae music, cold iced coffee and sketching.

No one home, but me. No one to bother me.


Favorite type of morning.


Same old shit, just a different job

I’ve been busy this past two weeks with a new job. Once again I’m trying out as a receptionist in a small hotel. Once again I’m making a sacrifice for a shitty job with shitty pay only because I’m broke and I’m in a urgent need of cash.

I’ve been working night shifts from 10 pm to 8 am and I’ve been working day shifts from 8 am to 8 pm and from 4 pm to 10 pm. The shifts are horrible and way to long. I’m barely managing through the 10 hour night shift. It’s driving me crazy! I have issues with sleeping and I developed acid reflux. I don’t have any time to do anything normal. I barely see my family and boyfriend. All of that would be somewhat okay if the pay was at least average. But sadly it’s minimal. I don’t want to complain, because lots of people are in a search of a job and most people are hustling their way through the day to survive. But, it’s fucking soul crushing. You can’t make enough money for anything serious, it’s just a little cash to help you with bare necessities. You can’t make a career, so you’re wasting your time without making any progress. On top of everything, you’re hurting your health for a temporary cash source.

I don’t know how long I’ll menage to stay at this job. But, I need money to buy a pen tablet so I can start doing illustrations. At the moment, my focus is drawing, doing logos and small illustrations. I want to freelance and work for myself. I want to make money by doing what I love.

Preparations for Paratissima Skopje 2017 ~ Подготовки за Паратисима Скопје 2017

A while back, I wrote a post where I explained that I volunteered to be a part of making this year’s “Paratissima Skopje” art fair event. Today was my third day of volunteering and it has been fun and interesting so far, but also very exhausting.

For the past three days I’ve helped with receiving and taking care of the art, I’ve painted walls and panels, I’ve moved things here and there, I’ve shopped for food and printed papers, and most importantly, I’ve worked a bit with the curator.

We are half way done and hopefully, everything will turn out great. I’ll keep an update of how things are.

Пред некое време, напишав пост каде што објаснив дека се пријавив да волонтирам во создавањето на овојгодишниот “Паратисима Скопје” саем за уметност. Денес ми беше 3 ден волонтирање и до сега беше забавно и интересно, но исто така и доста исцрпувачки.

Во последните 3 дена помагав со примањето и средувањето на уметничките дела, бојадисував ѕидови и панели, разнесував работи насекаде, купував храна и принтав документи, и најважно од се, работев малку со кураторот.

Сега сме на половина од волонтирањето и се надевам дека се’ ќе испадне супер. Ќе продолжам да пишувам како идат работите.

Everything happens for a reason ~ Се’ се случува со причина

One week of this beautiful month down, three (and a half) more to go. June is my month off work and even though money will be tight, things have worked out perfectly.

I can focus on working on Paratissima and be 100% devoted to the job. In the meantime, I’ll keep writing and doing designs, while reading books and watching a movie or two. I’ll be out more so I’ll photograph almost everyday.

5th of June was a long and tiring, but awesome day. It was my first day at “Paratissima Skopje”. The artists who are part of the fair brought their art and we made sure it was perfectly arranged  in a safe place. Almost 12 hours of meeting new people, talking, laughing, absorbing other’s people knowledge, thoughts and ideas. This sunday we are starting the process of bringing life to the event and we’ll be constructors for a full week. I honestly can’t wait! I can’t wait to learn new things, to interact with inspiring human beings, to be here and there and help as much as I can. I can’t wait to see the outcome and how it will affect the visitors.

I have no idea what July has in store for me, but I know that no matter what, everything happens for a reason.

Една недела од овој прекрасен месец помина, уште 3 (ипол) останаа. Јуни е мојот слободен месец од работа и иако парите ќе бидат кнап, работите се наредија перфектно.

Можам да се фокусирам на Паратисима и да бидам 100% посветена на работата. Во меѓувреме, ќе продолжам да пишувам и да изработувам дизајни, додека читам книги и гледам по некој филм. Ќе шетам повеќе, па ќе фотографирам речиси секој ден.

5ти Јуни беше долг и исцрплив, но одличен ден. Беше мојот прв ден на “Paratissima Skopje”. Уметниците кои се дел од саемот ги носеа своите дела и ние се осигуравме дека се перфектно сместени на сигурно место. Речиси 12 часа запознавање на нови луѓе, разговарање, смеење, апсорбирање на туѓи знаења, мисли и идеи. Оваа недела го започнуваме процесот на внесување живот на евентот и ќе бидеме конструктори цела недела. Искрено едвај чекам! Едвај чекам да научам нови работи, да комуницирам со инспиративни луѓе, да бидам и ваму и таму и да помагам колку што можам повеќе. Едвај чекам да го видам резултатот и како ќе влијае врз посетителите.

Немам појма што носи јули за мене, но знам дека без разлика на било што, се’ се случува со причина.