Sunday by the lake

I’ve got my favorite leggings on. I’ve got my Reebok Royal’s on that makes me feel like I can walk from one end of the city to the other.

I’ve got the clouds in the sky covering the sun. I’ve got the perfect weather today.

I’ve got your hand in mine. And a brownie macchiato in the other.

Park 1

I’ve got the park around me.


Birds chirping away. Ducks quacking. Dogs barking and running around. People talking and bursting into laughs.

You and me loving each other.

No worries on my mind. Time stopped. Didn’t care where I was; didn’t care where I want to be. Didn’t care about people; or life. I just felt your presence; heard your laugh; felt your touch; enjoyed your kiss.


Once in a while, we stumble upon “our” tree. Four and a half years ago, we carved our initials into a heart into a tree. You can barely see it now, but it’s still there! And it use to look like this:



Weekend vibes in the park ~ Викендашки во парк

No matter the season, Skopje city park will forever be my favorite place in the city, and a never-ending inspiration for photography.

Без разлика на сезоната, Градски парк Скопје засекогаш ќе остане моето омилено место во градот, и непресушлива инспирација за фотографија.

Summer in park 2Summer in park 4

Summer in park 8Summer in park 10