the island of dr. moreau

Obsessed with H.G.Wells

In the past two weeks I’ve been reading 2 books by H.G.Wells: “The Invisible Man” and “The Island of Dr. Moreau”. Ever since I read “The Time Machine” I’ve been obsessing with Wells. He’s such a fun story teller with amusing imagination.


“The Invisible Man” has a very unique story about an albino man who managed to make himself invisible through experiments. Ever since he suffered the change, he’s been encountering all sort of conflicts with different people. The end of the story seem a little weak, but all in all it’s an interesting book telling a weird period of a persons life.


This one is more entertaining with it’s mystery and horror elements. A person gets stuck on an island where a crazy doctor lives with a friend of his and bunch of his experiments. He struggles to survive and find a way to get out of the island and go back to his home.

All in all, I find “The Time Machine” most interesting of all, so far. All of his stories are uniquely  distinctive and a little bit of peculiar. Lots of mystery, little bit of fantasy and sci-fi and just enough of drama.