A weekend spend at monasteries

Last Sunday I was ready to get baptized.

But, things didn’t go as planed. Last Saturday, I visited
Bigorski Monastery “St John the Baptist” with a plan to sleep over and get baptized the next morning. But, sadly the monastery was full, there wasn’t any room left to stay in and I needed to reschedule for some other day.

I spend the whole day there, exploring the place, meeting monks and listening to them talk, enjoying the monastery.

I had lunch there with the monks and when night came, I stayed at the liturgy. Half way through the ceremony, a monk came and told me that there is a room for staying over at a women convent “St. George the Victorious” Monastery. There, before going to bed, I went to theirs liturgy.

In the morning, around 7:30 started another liturgy and it lasted till 11, when I had breakfast with the sisters. After, I went back to
Bigorski Monastery and stayed there till 3:30 when I got on the bus to come home.

I felt incredibly welcomed. The monks and sisters treated me and everyone around me so nice. They’re very nice, positive human beings.

I want to come back some day.