“Karposh” photos

Here are some photos I took the other day and they’re all around “Karposh” neighborhood in Skopje.

Karposh 1Karposh 2Karposh 3Karposh 4 1Karposh 5Karposh 6Karposh 7Urban details 2


Motivation keeps the wheel turning

I’ve never been more excited about my photos. I think I finally put my finger on what I want to express and that is light. Light against darkness, light reflection, my kind of photographic chiaroscuro.

But also, I want to keep showing my perspective of the city. All kinds of streets and buildings, architecture details, corners, people, life.

I’m really motivated and I keep going out and take photos. I really hope one day I’ll have the chance to exhibit some of them and see how people will react.

My biggest wish at the moment.