new life

I need a NEW life

I need a new life.

I need a new city to roam. New streets to explore. New architecture to admire. New food to taste. New air to breath.

I need new people. New people to befriend. New people to talk to, new people to listen. New people stories to be inspired by.

I need a new job. New job to learn and do. New job to enjoy. New job to make new money. New job to be proud of. New job to identify with.

I need a new pair of shoes. New pants. New shirt and a new skirt and a new dress. New bag. I need a new style. New look.

I need a new bicycle. New books. New camera. New pens and a new notebook. New skills. New ideas. New experiences.

I need new stories. New happenings.

I need a new perspective.

I need a new way of life.

I need a new life.