graphic design

Drawings turned into posters

Remember these?

Well, I was practicing the new stuff I’ve learned on them and I turned them into really cool posters.

I think they look pretty awesome. Thinking of really printing them out and framing them and put them in my living room.


Poem turned into print design

When I was in high school I use to write lyrics. It’s been years since the last time I’ve wrote something and even so, I can’t forget about that experience. Writing lyrics helped me survive that period in my life.

I have few lines that I really like. Especially this:

“Како феникс се кренав од сопствениот пепел

Наместо покор избрав живот полн со борба и ребел

Но кога се бориш за себе, на општеството си терет

Само гласен бунтовник кој прави проблеми и неред”

It can be roughly translated to:

“Like a Phoenix I rose from my own ashes

Instead of subjugation, I chose a life full of struggles and rebel

When you’re fighting for yourself, you’re a burden to society

A loud rebel who’s making troubles and a mess”

So, I made a little colorful design using this words because I think they are strong and uplifting.

I think it looks pretty good.

First graphic design poster exhibited

In the past 2 weeks I’ve been trying to learn Photoshop and Illustrator. It’s going very slow and hard. But last week, as I was learning some simple essential things, I saw a public call for artists for an interesting event.

The event was called “YUGO story” and it was dedicated to the famous Yugoslavian car Yugo. Artists could enter their photographs, drawings and all kinds of art showing appreciation for the car. So, I started working on a poster.

First, I draw the Yugo model on a Sketchbook. My intention was to make it look like it was a part of a color book.

Yugo drawn on SketchBook

It took my 5 hours to draw it!!! Five hours of drawing lines, putting on colors, making it look as realistic as possible. Dozens of layers. But, it was fun. I loved how slowly it shaped into the idea I had.

Than I put it on a background. I chose the same light blue color as the one of the original poster of the Yugo documentary that was presented at the event.

Than I put an old slogan that was use in a poster ad for Yugo: “Everybody needs a Yugo sometime”. I made the word “Yugo” look different from the font and made it the same as the Yugo sign that was attached on the side of the car.

Than I added the dates of the production and the car sign.

In the end, I put everything in a red frame, just as the Yugo cars had one in their car plates. All of this took about 2 hours to make.

All in all, I spend 7 hours in making the poster design. In the end, I was very happy how it turned out, even though my head was throbbing and I was full of anxiety.

This is my poster design:

I was very happy when I saw that they chose my design to be a part of the event. It was exhibited for a whole week and it looked great being on a wall amongst other designs.

If I didn’t start learning Photoshop and Illustrator, I would’ve never done this and I would’ve never been a part of this event. A guess, every work that we do it’s not in vain. It might feel like that sometimes, but you never know what opportunity might come in you way. So, I will continue to learn and work and try to make things happen!

Money isn’t everything, but… ~ Парите не се се’, но…

We all know the cliche saying that money isn’t everything, but for plenty of reasons I disagree.

I love photography, so there’s nothing more that I want than a good camera. They say that as long as you’re creative and think outside the box, you don’t really need a good camera to take an interesting photo. But, from my modest experience I’ve learned that that’s not true. You can find yourself in a perfect place in the perfect timing and snap a unique photo, but if it’s not with a good camera, it will probably be a bit blurry, unfocused and with poor resolution. I hate that. Unfortunately, I face that problem way too often. My camera can’t handle the things I want to photograph and at the moment, I can’t afford getting a good one. So, the reality is: if you want to do a professional photography, you got to have an appropriate equipment. And that costs a lot. A camera or two, maybe few lenses, a good laptop that can handle good editing programs, the programs itself… I dream about having all of that. Not because I’m a materialist, but because I want to express myself in the best possible way and show the world my own perspective.


(not my photo)

Another thing I like is drawing. Now you’ll think, well okay, that’s easy. Just pick up a pen and paper and start drawing. And that’s great, that’s what I always do and enjoy. But I would like to do more than that. I would like to do graphic design, creative drawings, logos, things like that. I also have an idea for a t-shirt brand, but that’s a long story. Again, the reality is: you need an appropriate equipment. A good computer, programs, a graphic tablet, a scanner, a color printer, a light table, endless office supplies, etc. And that costs a lot.


(not my photo)

I try not to get discourage by all that. Since the beginning of this year, I try to live by this words: don’t quit the chase. It simple. Don’t stop going after what you want. Do whatever you can, everything is a step closer to you goal. So for now, I’ll keep on taking photos with my pathetic little camera and I’ll keep on drawing on a piece of paper. I’ll keep on working on my ideas.

Сите ја знаеме онаа клише изрека дека парите не се се’, но имам многу причини поради кои нема да се согласам со тоа.

Обожавам фотографија, па не постои ништо што сакам повеќе од добар апарат. Велат дека доколку си креативен и мислиш надвор од кутијата, тогаш не ти е потребен добар апарат за да направиш интересна фотка. Но, од моето скромно искуство научив дека тоа не е вистина. Можеш да се најдеш себе си на перфектното место во перфектен тајминг и да сликнеш уникатна фотка, но ако не е направена со добар апарат, најверојатно ќе биде малку замаглена, нефокусирана и со слаба резолуција. Го мразам тоа. За жал, пречесто се соочувам со тој проблем. Мојот апарат не може да го извади тоа што посакувам и во моментов, не можам да си дозолам подобар. Па, реалноста е: ако сакаш да се занимаваш со професионална фотографија, мора да поседуваш соодветна опрема. А тоа чини премногу. Еден или два апарати, можеби неколку леќи, добар лаптоп што ќе подржува добри програми за едитирање, самите програми… сонувам за еден ден да го имам сето тоа. Не затоа што сум материјалист, туку затоа што сакам да се изразам на најдобар можен начин и да му ја покажам на светот мојата перспектива.

Уште една работа која сакам да ја правам е цртање. Сега би помислиле, епа океј, тоа е лесно. Само земи пенкало и лист и започни да црташ. И тоа е супер, токму тоа и го правам и уживам правејќи го. Но би сакала да правам многу повеќе од тоа. Би сакала да работам графички дизајн, креативно цртање, дизајни на лого, и слично. Исто така имам и идеја за бренд на маици, но тоа е долга приказна. Повторно, реалноста е: потребна ти е соодветна опрема. Добар компјутер, програми, графички таблет, скенер, принтер, светлечка подлога, бескраен канцелариски прибор, итн. А тоа чини многу.


(not my photo)

Се трудам да не се обесхрабрам од сето тоа. Од почетокот на оваа година, се трудам да живеам со овие зборови: не ја прекинувај бркотницата. Не престанувај да го бркаш тоа што го посакуваш. Прави го тоа што можеш, се’ претставува чекор поблиску до твојата цел. За сега, ќе продолжам да фотографирам со мојот патетичен мал апарат и ќе продолжам да цртам на парче хартија. Ќе продолжам да работам на моите идеи.