drawing design

New illustrations

It feels very pleasant to be working on a new illustration. Step by step, an hour after hour, getting closer to the final product. It feels even better when you’re finally done with it and have your piece in front of you.

Here are 2 more I did in the past couple of days:

девојка, книга, столче 17пар на плажа 9



Lately, I’ve been practicing drawing illustrations on my Wacom tablet. Sometimes I draw simple things, just because I want to try to do some that will be perfect for stickers. I try to focus on doing whole scenes with a little story in it. And, I started doing wallpapers, too. Here there are:

First attempt at doing something more realistic:

Шолја, шише со бело вино, книги ЗАВРШЕНО (кроп) 3

I’ve been in a summer mood.

песок, небо, куќичка за лајфгард, лајфгард 4песок, вода, небо, чадор, брод 7


ананас 8палма 8коктел 6

I’m having a lot of fun doing this. I hope maybe I can make a little bit of money, too. 😀