New illustrations

It feels very pleasant to be working on a new illustration. Step by step, an hour after hour, getting closer to the final product. It feels even better when you’re finally done with it and have your piece in front of you.

Here are 2 more I did in the past couple of days:

девојка, книга, столче 17пар на плажа 9


Tired of dead end jobs

Yesterday I started my 10 day training at a “drogerie markt” place where I would be working as a salesperson for less than the minimum wage salary, if I except the job after the training. The only way you can earn a promotion at this job is by working that position with that salary for one or two years. Those are their rules.

So I find myself as a 28 years old person with no better alternative in life than fighting for a saleslady position at a market so maybe one day in the future it will be my career, but I would be payed a bit more than the minimum page in my country.

What an exciting goal to have!

I’m tired of not having a better options. I’m tired of fighting for a minimum wage salary. I’m tired of working jobs that have nothing to do with my college degree. I’m tired of wasting years on dead end jobs. I’m tired of being constantly broke. I’m tired of keep quitting jobs and starting new ones because they are payed very little and aren’t worth of keeping.

I’m tired of disappointing my mom and boyfriend. I’m tired on not being able to make money like any other person. I’m tired of being useless.


Lately, I’ve been practicing drawing illustrations on my Wacom tablet. Sometimes I draw simple things, just because I want to try to do some that will be perfect for stickers. I try to focus on doing whole scenes with a little story in it. And, I started doing wallpapers, too. Here there are:

First attempt at doing something more realistic:

Шолја, шише со бело вино, книги ЗАВРШЕНО (кроп) 3

I’ve been in a summer mood.

песок, небо, куќичка за лајфгард, лајфгард 4песок, вода, небо, чадор, брод 7


ананас 8палма 8коктел 6

I’m having a lot of fun doing this. I hope maybe I can make a little bit of money, too. 😀

In the morning

I wonder what time it is. 10:30 am? Nah, it must be 11.

My room is dark as it was when I went to bed last night. Window blinds are all the way down so they don’t let any light inside. Windows are shut closed so it will be as quiet as possible. Don’t wanna be awaken too early by the traffic noise or the birds chirping.


I slowly get up like I’ve been sleeping only 5 hours and not the 9 I just did. I go to the bathroom, wash my face with cold water and my teeth with Parodontax and move along to the kitchen.

Tall glass on the counter top.

I put one teaspoon of classic Nescafe inside.

Add splash of cold water. Swirl it around with a coffee hand machine till it’s full of foam. Add cold milk till it gets a beige color.

Nice tall glass of cold unsweetened coffee.


I turn my laptop on and open SoundCloud. I put on some Soja music as loud as the laptop lets me. I plug my Wacom in the laptop and turn the SketchBook on.

Sweet reggae music, cold iced coffee and sketching.

No one home, but me. No one to bother me.


Favorite type of morning.

“Тие Се Надекаде” (2018) by Smut


So, my favorite band Smut just released their new album “Тие Се Насекаде”. On my birthday.


I really really like it. I’ve been listening to it ever since and it’s growing on me more and more. I CAN NOT WAIT for a concert! Their concerts are literally one of my favorite things in this life on this earth! They are therapeutic and life changing! I need their concerts to filter my life and go on stronger!

Here are some of the songs from this album:

These are two singles that have been released in the past couple of weeks as a preparation for the official release:

At the moment, my favorite one is “Три Куршуми”, it’s the softest one on the album, but I really like it, it’s been stuck in my head for days!

Here you can listen to their older stuff:

One huge bucket list wish completed!

One of my biggest dreams came true. I finally was part of an exhibition. A day before my birthday, 3 photographs of mine were exhibited at the Museum of contemporary art in Skopje as part of the “Moja Skopska Prikazna” (“My Skopje Story) exhibition!


The exhibition had a theme about old original Skopje architecture, so my photos fit perfectly. I photograph architecture mostly anyway. So I knew I had to apply and try my luck. And it worked out! My 3 photos were chosen from 430 others! It’s a great feeling, let me tell ya!

It was such a good night. Lots of people came, there was live music, drinks, great atmosphere. The whole city “under our feet”.

One of the coolest things that has happened to me lately.