Motivation keeps the wheel turning

I’ve never been more excited about my photos. I think I finally put my finger on what I want to express and that is light. Light against darkness, light reflection, my kind of photographic chiaroscuro.

But also, I want to keep showing my perspective of the city. All kinds of streets and buildings, architecture details, corners, people, life.

I’m really motivated and I keep going out and take photos. I really hope one day I’ll have the chance to exhibit some of them and see how people will react.

My biggest wish at the moment.


Tv series suggestions: Stranger Things

Okay, the new and second season of “Stranger Things” came out on 27 October and it’s been one of the main talk all over social media. To be honest, I love this show.

I’m not going to talk about what the show is about, because most of you know it anyway. I’ll just say this:

I binge-watched it in two days and I reeeeeeeeaaaaally liked it! The characters are even better developed in this season, they didn’t wasted any time or story on any of them. They intertwine well with each other, as the flow of the story goes, all of the characters are mixing in a great way. The plot is partly tense, partly dramatic, but with elements of both humor and romance. The sci-fi is on high level. I really liked that almost “Twin Peaks” atmosphere that was going on throughout the whole season, just as well in the previous one. Again, in this season they’ve put the accent on that 8os vibe and they totally managed to convey it correctly. From the cloths and hair styles, to the home interiors and of course, the music.

A weekend well spent.

Quick question: Don’t you realize how worse off you could be living?

I’ve got a notification from “On this day” on Facebook and it’s about a song a posted. Year later I can still relate to this song and I’ll probably always will.

The second verse goes like this:

“Quick question: Don’t you realize how worse off you could be living? Or not living at all; You’re lucky and you should see how many good things come your way; If you don’t you won’t make life a fun and pleasant stay”

And than the chorus:

“Think about all that you have not about what you can’t get”

I love Pennywise, it’s a great band and one of my favorites. I can relate to lot of their songs and this hits the right spot at the moment. I feel mentally exhausted cause a lot of things don’t go my way. But, I always feel grateful that I have a life, an opportunity to make good thing happened and to enjoy all that I want while I can. I don’t won’t to find comfort in the fact that life can always be worst, but it’s true. Be happy with what you got and fight for what you don’t.