Sunday by the lake

I’ve got my favorite leggings on. I’ve got my Reebok Royal’s on that makes me feel like I can walk from one end of the city to the other.

I’ve got the clouds in the sky covering the sun. I’ve got the perfect weather today.

I’ve got your hand in mine. And a brownie macchiato in the other.

Park 1

I’ve got the park around me.

Birds chirping away. Ducks quacking. Dogs barking and running around. People talking and bursting into laughs.

You and me loving each other.

Park 6


No worries on my mind. Time stopped. Didn’t care where I was; didn’t care where I want to be. Didn’t care about people; or life. I just felt your presence; heard your laugh; felt your touch; enjoyed your kiss.


Once in a while, we stumble upon “our” tree. Four and a half years ago, we carved our initials into a heart into a tree. You can barely see it now, but it’s still there! And it use to look like this:



Grape harvest

24┬░C, sun, grape vines, family.


What a lovely saturday. I spend my morning harvesting grapes that will be made into a wine. The weather was perfect, not to hot, but not chilly either.

I was with my mom, aunt and uncle. We harvest it and than we relaxed. We had tasty lunch and than we went home.

It feels good to get out of the city.


Spark of light

After many months of applying for different types of job offers, I finally got a call back. And for a great job that I wasn’t expecting to be even considered.

I applied for receptionist in an awesome hotel even though I don’t have any experience with that position. I had my first job interview in the past 3 years. I was nervous, but it went okey. The pay is great, the position seems like you can progress on upper levels and the hotel location is amazing, really close to where I live, which means I’ll save money and time on going to work. Plus, you have a meal and one coffee break, which you don’t really get on other places.

I didn’t get the job, but I might be called back to get required training and if I do well while training, I might get the job. So far, it’s just a might situation. But, I’m really glad that I’ve got a call back considering I don’t have the right education, nor experience, nor a language diploma. I really thought that doesn’t happened in my country.

Oh, I want that job! I want it real bad!

I hope I’ll be lucky enough to get a call back.

I’ll be waiting.

Quality weekend r&r

This saturday I went on a short, but relaxing trip to Chaniotis, Greece. We left my city around 2 am and we arrived at Chaniotis around 8:30 am. We stayed there for 10 hours.

There’s literally nothing more relaxing and soothing to my soul than a sea. I love the feeling of the water surrounding my body. I love the sound the waves are making. I love the color of ┬áthe surface and the sun reflection. How I wish to live by the sea…

Hanioti 3

Sea, sand, sun, palms… If only every saturday looked like this. For the most part of the time we spend there, we chilled on the beach. We were swimming and snoozing all day long. We had tasty gyro, ice cream and iced coffee.

Hanioti 9

I love relaxing on the water surface and float. It’s one of my favorite things to do in the world. Close your eyes. Relax your body, every muscle, every nerve. Feel how light you are, unburden. Stop every thought that’s trying to form in your mind and enjoy the sound of the water. Open your eyes and look at the clear blue sky above you. Float. Be one with the water. Let the waves sway you gently around. Feel the float.

You are alive.

Proud to take a walk

A gentle continuous trickle of small drops on the softened leaves of the nearby tree… Subtle thunders in the distance… A rapid soft keyboard clicking from my fingers…

So good to be back home.

Is it weird that I’m proud of myself to take a simple walk? I really feel good that I decided to take a walk when I was feeling down and doubtful. I got outside of my building and started walking along the first street that I saw. It’s a long one with lots of parks along the way and small buildings. A touch of nature, a touch of urban. I listened to “Ear biscuits” because I wanted to enjoy the activity, but not my thoughts. After more than an hour I came back home and just as I did, it started to rain.

I feel so much better now then I did couple of hours ago. The outdoors and the activity felt therapeutic and they were a good way to spend some extra time.


The rain is getting heavier, a “white curtain” is forming. It almost feel like the weather waited for me to be finished with my walk. Like it knew how I was feeling and like it knew what I needed. What a beautiful rain!

I’m going to make myself a tasty lunch and then read some book. And definitely watch a movie, later on.


A thunder!


Saturday doesn’t feel like it used to

I keep my window blinds low, my room covered in dimmed light.

I don’t know what to do with myself.

Small amount of coffee is filling my glass, I don’t feel like finishing it. I’m thinking of going for a walk, but even though I’m bored at home, there’s something that’s keeping me from going outside. Why? Why should I go outside? There’s nothing outside. If a take a walk, I’ll come right back again to this chair. And this laptop. And this feeling. No… I don’t think I’ll be taking a walk.

It seems it’s going to rain. No sunshine today. It feels good for a change.

My mum left the country with a friend. That’s great, she deserves it, I hope she enjoys going to the beach. My boyfriend left town, he had to visit someone from his family. My friends are still gone, I have no idea where.


I can’t stop staring through my terrace door. A tree. Not a good looking one. Green. There’s no reason to go outside. There’s no reason to stay in.