One huge bucket list wish completed!

One of my biggest dreams came true. I finally was part of an exhibition. A day before my birthday, 3 photographs of mine were exhibited at the Museum of contemporary art in Skopje as part of the “Moja Skopska Prikazna” (“My Skopje Story) exhibition!


The exhibition had a theme about old original Skopje architecture, so my photos fit perfectly. I photograph architecture mostly anyway. So I knew I had to apply and try my luck. And it worked out! My 3 photos were chosen from 430 others! It’s a great feeling, let me tell ya!

It was such a good night. Lots of people came, there was live music, drinks, great atmosphere. The whole city “under our feet”.

One of the coolest things that has happened to me lately.


Motivation keeps the wheel turning

I’ve never been more excited about my photos. I think I finally put my finger on what I want to express and that is light. Light against darkness, light reflection, my kind of photographic chiaroscuro.

But also, I want to keep showing my perspective of the city. All kinds of streets and buildings, architecture details, corners, people, life.

I’m really motivated and I keep going out and take photos. I really hope one day I’ll have the chance to exhibit some of them and see how people will react.

My biggest wish at the moment.