Realizing what I want to do

I’m thinking of quitting my job because I really don’t like it, I make very little money and I’m not gaining any meaningful experience. 

While thinking about quitting, I made an imaginary conversation in my head with my supervisor. I started giving answers to the question: “What do you want to do if you quit this job?”. 

I want to finally do my brand of clothing. I have the name, the logo and view designs. I want to do more of that and I want to do pop up shops and want to see people wear my stuff. 

I want to draw more. I want to learn more about graphic design, I want to learn to use more designing programs and I want to do more designs. 

I want to start doing “traditional” art. I want to draw with all kinds of pencils, pens, brushes, graphite. I want to paint, I want to carve, I want to print.

I want to photograph more. I want to finally do my own photography exhibition. I want to buy amazing camera and do better photos. I want to take photos of everything in my life. 

I want to create. I want to wake up, be motivated, have an idea and do my best to execute my idea. I want at the end of the day to be like “I’ve made this! I worked today and created this. It’s the product of today’s work.”

I want to make things. I want people to see my things and have thoughts and emotions about what they see. 

I just want to create.


Midweek chill

I just took shower and I feel so refreshed and relaxed. I used a new body nourishing soft oil balm that I bought on my way home from work and I feel even more refreshed and nice. I smells like a cupcake because it has ingredients such as almond extract and shea butter.

I’m in my favorite soft fleece pajama pants, just to get the full chill experience of the night. I’m having a cup of Lipton’s classic black tea and some roasted almonds. I’m finishing “Something Wicked This Way Comes” by Ray Bradbury, while listening to the crazy good “Havana Cultura: ¡Súbelo, Cuba!” songs.

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Feels good to be on my own with no obligations for couple of hours.

Art fulfills me

Finally got a day off on Saturday, so I decided to go to few places. I went to 2 museums and 1 gallery and saw such good exhibitions that they actually made me feel great.

One of the museums is on top of a hill, so even though it was extremely hot outside, it felt good to do that kind of activity. I sweat out 3 hours, enjoyed every single thing a saw and came home with fulfilled heart.

Eat good and healthy food all day long. Talk to few friends and played a couple of competitives on Global. Now I’m off to bed to try to get some sleep for tomorrow’s shitty shift. The longest and the worst of them all of the week!

Books I’ve read in the past couple of months

I haven’t written a post about the books I’ve been reading since March! I’m bewildered!

Sadly, I haven’t had much time to read as I use to, between changing jobs and trying to adapt to them and trying to learn how to draw on my new tablet. And doing photography as I always do. But there are few that I read and I  want to share my thoughts.

After I finished “The Island of Dr. Moreau” by H. G. Wells, I’ve read “The Shining” by Stephen King. “The Pet Cemetary” was the first SK book I’ve read in my life and I read it in January this year. I started reading “The Shining” someday in March and finished it someday in April. Those were the days that I worked in the hotel as a receptionist.


What a terrible idea. 😀

I was working third shifts and reading this book. The hotel would be so quite at night, you could here the lights making noise. Noise that would sound so loud in moments when you’re fighting your natural need for sleep. I would get so deep into Kings story that I would literally get creeped out when the wind would make the door crack a bit. Or when the 5-gallon water dispenser would suddenly start buzzing when it was working on cooling the water.

Nonetheless, I loved “The Shining”. Every traumatic and frighting scene that the characters went through made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I especially loved the illusions Jack would get into at the hotel bar, how they were described in details. I also loved the scene when Danny would finally get inside room 237. Even though I felt sorry for him, it was a great moment, a moment that probably freaked me out the most. That’s one of the reasons I was really disappointed of Stanley Kubrick movie. He didn’t show that scene and many others that are very important to the story. I understand it’s a movie and there too many scenes and details in the books, but the movie is definitely rushing through the story and is failing to fully show the suspense and the horror that the family is going through.

Anyway, I loved the book. Quickly after I finished it, I bought another one from King, “Salem’s Lot”, but I haven’t got around it yet.

After “The Shining”, I’ve read “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood.


I parallel read the book and watched the second season of the tv series. It’s one of the best stories I’ve read/saw in a while. I like it so much, I don’t know what I like more, the book or the series. The book is more focused on June’s thoughts throughout all of the horrors she’s going through which I really like. And the series are showing the same feelings, but with less talk/thoughts, more through tones and atmosphere. I love the cinematography, all of the slow motion shots, the details. Simply amazing.

Then, I moved on to my man, H. G. Wells. For my birthday, my boyfriend got me a huge book with selected works of Wells. So I thought that would be my main entertainment for the summer.


I started “The War of the World” in the middle of June and I still haven’t finished it. Mainly because I just don’t have enough time and also because, when I went to a r’n’r weekend in Peshtani on the 7th and 8th of July, I started another book because I wanted to read something while chilling on the beach and I simply couldn’t drag along a book as big as “The Selected Works”.

I think Wells will forever be one of my favorite authors. He wrote amazing sci-fi stories at the and of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th! He indeed was ahead of his time. I was really excited to read “The War of the World” and I couldn’t find a copy to buy. So this selected version works great! So far, it’s good, just the typical Wells writing and imagination. I have half more to go through, but I’m in no hurry. I know that once I read all of his stories I’ll be sad that there are no more left to read. So, not in hurry.

The one that I started reading in July is a great book by a Macedonian writer.


It could be translated to “Sour cherry chronicles” and it’s written by Frosina Parmakovska. The books has three parts in which the main character tells us what he’s going through in three different periods of his life. In the first part he’s six and he lives in a village. In this period he shares his first experience with love for a girl, death of a close one, friendship with another boy of his age and other things that will forever shape his character. In the second part, he shares his time of being a student in the capitol city of Macedonia, away from his family. There, he meets his best friend from the first part, when they were six. Together they go through lots of stuff, struggles and enjoyments. But all throughout the first and the second part, the main character talks about the love he has for the girl he fell in love with when he was six. All he wants is to meet her again, marry her and live life with her, in the village with lots of sour cherry trees. In the third part, he finally meets her. But, she’s different than he imagines her to be throughout all of the years. The end of the book is far different than I though it would be. I think it’s a perfect ending, even though I feel sad and angry about it. Anyway, it’s an amazing book and I hope it will be translated to other languages so people can enjoy this great story around the world.

I just finished it couple of days ago. I need some time to recover from the story. It was that powerful.

I plan to finish “The War of the World” and than maybe start “Salem’s lot”.

So many books, so little time.

Favorite tv series from the past half a year

Godless (22.11.2017) – first and most importantly, the story of the series is beautiful. It’s set in the 1880’s in couple of small west american cities. There are two main characters, two ex friends and partners, two nemesis. Frank Griffin (played by Jeff Daniels) is an outlaw who terrorizes small towns, steals money and other goods from people and do other kinds of criminal activities. Roy Goode (played by one of my favorite acters Jack O’Conell) was a kid without parents and future and he join Griffins group at early age, but one day during a heist, he steals the money and runs away. From there on, Frank dedicates the rest of his life to hunt down Roy and take back his money. During the heist, Roy gets shot in the arm, but he still manages to get away. While his running away, he stumbles upon a farm where a woman lives with her half-native american son and his native american grandmother. During the days his staying there and healing from his gun wound, he gets friendly with them and starts helping them out with the farm. Near the farm there is a small town where the population is mostly women, because one day in the past there was an accident in the mine and all of the men working there died. The town sheriff is determent to protect his people from Griffins outlaws so he goes out in a hunt for Frank thinking is best that he finds him first and kills him, before he comes to his town and burns it to the ground.

There’s lot of drama in this beautiful western show. The cast is amazing, they’re doing a wonderful job. I have to mention Merritt Wever (she played dr. Denise Cloyd in The Walking Dead) who plays Mary Agnes, sister of the town sheriff and the main protector of the town itself. She is incredible in this series! The most important thing about this series are the cinematographic! Oh my god, how beautiful they are! They did classic western shots with wide perspective and scenes, but they’ve put a modern touch to it. Fantastic work!

I highly recommend it, it’s a must watch! And this is coming from someone who never thought of watching a western show before.


Altered Carbon (02.02.2018) – this show has the most intriguing plot, but what’s more important, it has the most beautiful futuristic settings. It’s set in distant future where consciousness is digitized and stored on a chip that’s located in the persons neck. When a person dies and the chip is saved, they take the chip out of the body and put it another one so the person who died can continue living, only in a different body. Once the chip is destroyed, the person dies for good. The main character is Takeshi Kovacs (played bu Joel Kinnaman, most of the time) who’s a prisoner who wakes up in a new body 250 years after he was “put down”. He’s hired by the richest and oldest man, Laurens Bancroft (played by James Purefoy) to solve his latest death. Was he murdered by someone or did he committed suicide? From that moment forward, Kovacs goes into all kinds of conflicts and troubles and along the way, he’s conflicted by his own ghosts from the past.

I like this series because it has everything. Lots of action and adventure, lots of mystery and drama, appealing sci-fi settings and a tiny bit of comedy elements. The cinematography is remarkable. Probably the main reason to watch this show.

Jessica Jones season 2 (08.03.2018) – I loved the first season, so I was very excited about the second. Plus, I waited years for it! In this season, Jessica is focused on finding the man, or group of people, that made her into what she is today. Along the way, she stumbles upon a very important person, someone from her past who she thought was dead. Someone who has the same ability as her, but much stronger. Someone who was made at the same time, at the same place, by the same people as her. While Jessica is fighting her battle, her sister Trish gets involved by trying to help her get to the truth. Somewhere along the way, Trish finds herself wanting to be the same as Jessica, so she sets herself in finding the people who gave Jessica her ability, but for her own reason. One thing I really liked about this season is that they devolved Malcom’s and Jeri’s characters to a point where they became one of the main characters on the show. I especially liked the drama around Jeri, it fun to see how a strong almost untouchable person fights a series of unlucky events in her life and menages to stay herself.


A guess, Netflix has some great tv series. I love tv series, I watch them more than I watch movies. I always follow at least dozen of them at one point and I’m always in a search for new and better ones. It’s my favorite way to spend free time at home.