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Currently reading: “Flight To Arras” by Antoine de Saint Exupery

Finally, I have stronger concentration to be reading more books. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve read 3 books and now I’m on to my 4th. After “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” I’ve read “The Time Machine” by H. G. Wells and it was AMAZING!


It’s not a life changing book, but it’s so fun. That’s what I needed at the moment and I’ve really glad I stumbled upon his book. I also bought “The Invisible Man” and I wanted to read it after “The Time Machine”, but I book another 3 books and I’ve read 2 of them instead. Those are:

“The Golden Cangue” by Eileen Chang and “The Bathroom” by Jean Philippe Toussaint. I had high expectations for the first one, but I didn’t really enjoyed it that much. At moments it was boring, and that when it ended I felt a wave of sadness and realized it wasn’t that bad. The second one was a fun story and I kinda liked it. Both of this books are short and you can read them in one seating and they are more of a story to entertain your evening.

At the moment I’m reading “Flight to Arras” by Antoine de saint Exupery.


I’ve just started reading it so I still don’t know if I liked it. Next on my reading list a 2 other books of his, so I hope they will be entertaining.


Currently reading: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

After I finished the Michelangelo book, I’ve moved on to two books by Virginia Woolf: “Mr. Dalloway” and “A Writer’s Diary”. The first one was okay, a little slow in a Woolf kind a way. The second one was really good, I love reading her personal thoughts and experiences. I’ve came to a conclusion: I like her style of writing, but I love her more as a person than as a writer. I find her to be a fascinating person.

After Woolf I moved on to “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” by Friedrich Nietzsche and I’m still reading it. I like it because there are a lot of great thoughts that are blowing my mind. But, at moments it feels like I’m reading the bible, so that is why I started to parallelly read another book: “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. It’s perfect to break the seriousness of Nietzche and have a little fun.



Tv series suggestions: Stranger Things

Okay, the new and second season of “Stranger Things” came out on 27 October and it’s been one of the main talk all over social media. To be honest, I love this show.

I’m not going to talk about what the show is about, because most of you know it anyway. I’ll just say this:

I binge-watched it in two days and I reeeeeeeeaaaaally liked it! The characters are even better developed in this season, they didn’t wasted any time or story on any of them. They intertwine well with each other, as the flow of the story goes, all of the characters are mixing in a great way. The plot is partly tense, partly dramatic, but with elements of both humor and romance. The sci-fi is on high level. I really liked that almost “Twin Peaks” atmosphere that was going on throughout the whole season, just as well in the previous one. Again, in this season they’ve put the accent on that 8os vibe and they totally managed to convey it correctly. From the cloths and hair styles, to the home interiors and of course, the music.

A weekend well spent.

Favorite place in the city

The autumn sun feels like a lightweight delicate cardigan, soft and soothing on your skin. The yellow paths are crunching under my favorite Reebok Royal’s with every step I take. The crunching of the crispy leaves is my dearest autumn melody.

The season is changing.

Park 15

Change is beautiful. But what does it bring?

I’m soaking up the scrumptious wind that makes me think of roasted cinnamon pumpkin and warm cup of salep. I feel right at home under the orange canopy, relaxed, de-stressed. Leaves are abandoning their trees and finding their place on the ground. Piles of shades of yellow and orange are making me feel tempted to jump into them like they’re a big fluffy bean bag. Yellow bright sun rays are cutting their way through the yellow trees and leaving their light spread all over the ground.

A heavenly scene.

Park 8

Music suggestion: Brand New “Science Fiction” (2017)

On august 18, after 8 years Brand New released their new album “Science Fiction”. I’ve been listening to this constantly for the past month and I have to say, for me it’s the best album of the year. When I was listening it the first time, after every song I was like “Wow, this is so good!”. Usually, I need couple of listens to get a real impression, but with this album, I only needed one. It’s that good!

One song that really stood out to me is “Dessert”.


I love the guitar riff that’s going on throughout the song, it’s hypnotic. Also, his voice is amazing, very emotional. Most of all, I love the harmonious voices in some of the parts, they make my soul melt. I just can’t express how much I like this song!

Another one that I’ve been obsessed with is “Same Logic/Teeth”.


Again, I live the guitar in this one, it really stands out. I like his voice and how it changes throughout the song with different harmonies and emotions. I especially love the ending, it gives me goosebumps. Also, the lyrics are great!


Every song on this album is beautiful, I really related to them all, they make me emotional and that’s really hard to get out of music this days.