good vibes

A weekend spend at monasteries

Last Sunday I was ready to get baptized.

But, things didn’t go as planed. Last Saturday, I visited
Bigorski Monastery “St John the Baptist” with a plan to sleep over and get baptized the next morning. But, sadly the monastery was full, there wasn’t any room left to stay in and I needed to reschedule for some other day.

I spend the whole day there, exploring the place, meeting monks and listening to them talk, enjoying the monastery.

I had lunch there with the monks and when night came, I stayed at the liturgy. Half way through the ceremony, a monk came and told me that there is a room for staying over at a women convent “St. George the Victorious” Monastery. There, before going to bed, I went to theirs liturgy.

In the morning, around 7:30 started another liturgy and it lasted till 11, when I had breakfast with the sisters. After, I went back to
Bigorski Monastery and stayed there till 3:30 when I got on the bus to come home.

I felt incredibly welcomed. The monks and sisters treated me and everyone around me so nice. They’re very nice, positive human beings.

I want to come back some day.


Zen evening

A yellowish teardrop shaped flame is cheerfully dancing around it’s wick in a consistent pattern. What a comfy radiant routine! The terracotta is getting warmer and the oil mixed with water begins to blister.

Thin, almost translucent smoke slowly rises from the fiery fluid, like a
charmed snake by a pungi. Lavender scent is bundling up around every little atom in the room.

It’s turning auras into pastel purple.

I’m wrapped in my favorite blanket. The coziest, most softest micro fleece one. I’m laying on my living room sofa and reading a book. Currently I’m reading “Dune Messiah” which is the second book of the Dune series. I’m obsessed with Arrakis adventures!

In between pages I’m taking a sip of a warm unsweetened lemon balm tea and in between lines I’m listening to lo-fi tracks.

My way of dealing with everyday stress.

Dreams do come true

This is probably my most positive post on this blog.

Not too long ago I entered a type of photography contest with one photo. The team of the contest was homeless animals and the award for most liked photo was a free exhibition at the gallery where the contest was happening.

So, I won a free exhibition.

I will finally do my own solo exhibition. One of my biggest dreams, wishes and goals in life will finally happen.

The date is set for 25 January. I can’t wait to start planning every little thing.

I will share my experience.

Still can’t believe it…

Realizing what I want to do

I’m thinking of quitting my job because I really don’t like it, I make very little money and I’m not gaining any meaningful experience. 

While thinking about quitting, I made an imaginary conversation in my head with my supervisor. I started giving answers to the question: “What do you want to do if you quit this job?”. 

I want to finally do my brand of clothing. I have the name, the logo and view designs. I want to do more of that and I want to do pop up shops and want to see people wear my stuff. 

I want to draw more. I want to learn more about graphic design, I want to learn to use more designing programs and I want to do more designs. 

I want to start doing “traditional” art. I want to draw with all kinds of pencils, pens, brushes, graphite. I want to paint, I want to carve, I want to print.

I want to photograph more. I want to finally do my own photography exhibition. I want to buy amazing camera and do better photos. I want to take photos of everything in my life. 

I want to create. I want to wake up, be motivated, have an idea and do my best to execute my idea. I want at the end of the day to be like “I’ve made this! I worked today and created this. It’s the product of today’s work.”

I want to make things. I want people to see my things and have thoughts and emotions about what they see. 

I just want to create.

A book, a coffee and a park

There’s nothing more I love doing on a day off than going to my favorite place in the city with the book I’m currently reading, to just relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

I’ve got my back against a tree, fully relaxed seating on the grass. My face is under a deep shadow, but my legs are getting sun tanned and it feels good to feel the heat on my skin. There is a nice chilly breeze brushing my face and hair, from time to time. It keeps reminding my how good it it’s to be alive.

Rad Bradbury’s “Something Wicked This Way Comes” goes well with a coconut macchiato. The taste of the Summer and the story of the Autumn. The sparkling of the water gets my attention between lines, just enough to gather my thoughts and go along with Jim’s and Will’s carnival adventure. People are passing by me, enthralled in their conversation. Friends, couples, pets, individuals. People living their life.

After finishing my coffee and couple of chapters, I’ve recharged my battery’s with my favorite protein bar and took a long walk all around the park to empty my head of the bad energy from the negative events that build up during the entire week.


Art fulfills me

Finally got a day off on Saturday, so I decided to go to few places. I went to 2 museums and 1 gallery and saw such good exhibitions that they actually made me feel great.

One of the museums is on top of a hill, so even though it was extremely hot outside, it felt good to do that kind of activity. I sweat out 3 hours, enjoyed every single thing a saw and came home with fulfilled heart.

Eat good and healthy food all day long. Talk to few friends and played a couple of competitives on Global. Now I’m off to bed to try to get some sleep for tomorrow’s shitty shift. The longest and the worst of them all of the week!

Two days off spend by the lake

Last weekend I’ve got 2 days off from work so I went with my boyfriend to Ohrid, or Peshtani to be more precise. I’ve spend third of my paycheck and somehow I don’t care. I needed to get out of the city and just chill.

I really like this place. The house that we stayed in was located one small street across from the lake which was perfect. We had a great view from the balcony and most importantly, we would just get out of the house, cross the street and find ourselves on the beach.

Took couple of swims, enjoyed my very favorite thing: floating on the water. Layed on the beach for hours, relaxing our bodies from work. Enjoyed the sun and the wind. Read a book. Cooked a little. Had great sex. Took long walks around the neighborhood at night, taking it all in. The sounds of the waves, the music from the restaurants, the peoples laughs. Had a cocktail by the bay with the most perfect sunset you can get. Slept.

Relaxed a bit.