Being alone ain’t easy

I remember couple of years ago I thought: it’s not hard to be alone, I could easily do that. I mean… you are with yourself all the time, right? I think people usually forget that.

I’ll focus on things I like, like books and tv series. I’ll walk in the city park, I’ll ride my bicycle, I’ll check out art exhibitions, I’ll work a job, I’ll draw. I’ll find thing to please myself and be happy.

I think I knew back then that I will be alone in the future and I was trying to convince myself that it’s okay and that it will be fine. Well, it’s a perfect example of the Murphy’s law. It’s exactly what happened.

There’s nothing I can really do about it now. It is what it is. I just have to learn to live with it.



  1. Look at it this way: you have the freedom to do what you want. You paint dinosaurs and roses and your walls and no one will complain or refuse to hold the step ladder. You don’t have to ask anyone else what they want to eat and then end up cooking something you don’t really want.
    I’m alone, too. It’s my life, my way.
    It definitely has its rewards 😊

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  2. Don’t you know, every dark cloud has a silver lining you just need to find it… So, best of luck..!! And enjoy everything life has to offer.!! 😁😁


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